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Langberg's high quality USB 3.0 extension cable is designed to allow extremely fast, stable, uninterrupted data connection between desktop PCs / laptops and printers, scanners and any other multimedia / peripheral devices due to the use of modern components. The USB 3.0 itself is backward compatible with USB 2.0 and provides the data transmission speed up to 5 Gb/s, which in effect means 10 times faster data transfer, as compared to the maximum data rate of previous, USB 2.0 standard. The product also meets the expectations of even very demanding users providing a stable, fast uninterrupted signal which translates into appropriately high transfers.

Product Description Lanberg USB extension cable - USB Type A to USB Type A - 1.8 m
Type USB extension cable
Technology Shielded
Length 1.8 m
Connector 9 pin USB Type A - male
Connector (Second End) 9 pin USB Type A - female
Compliant Standards USB 2.0/ USB 3.0
Colour Blue
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